rodney smith




I love the photography of Rodney Smith – charming, whimsical, and a touch surreal.  See more images here and here.


hokey pokey


A few weeks ago, I went to this show at Hang.  The little girl in the painting above, by Jeanne Lydon, is my little girl.  I have always loved Jeanne’s work, so I just love that my little Pipsqueak appears in one of her paintings.  It sold right away.  I love the thought of this painting in someone else’s home.  The little boy is Jeanne’s son.  He’s a few months younger than my girl. 

If you are in the area (567 Sutter St, San Francisco) you should stop by Hang Annex.  I’s a really good show.  If not, you can view it online here.         

balloons on the brain


Remember this movie?  I’ve been drawn to balloon imagery lately.  My little girl loves balloons and she just recently learned the word.  She says “bbbbboom!” every time she sees one.


So when I saw this on Oh Happy Day, I knew I had to have it.  I placed my order with The Flood Street Curiosity Shop on Monday, and it came yesterday.  I got the yellow one.


I’m going to get a pretty yellow ribbon for it and get it filled with helium this weekend.  I’m really excited to have a giant yellow balloon around the house.  I’m sure the pipsqueak will love it.    

the most magical show on tv


I don’t watch a lot of television, but I am totally obsessed with Pushing Daisies.  I look forward to it all day on Wednesdays.  It wasn’t on last week and I actually missed it.  I love how the subject matter is really dark and tortured, but the show is actually very sweet.  It is amazing visually as well.  It’s like a modern fairy tale. 

It was created by Bryan Fuller who also created Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.  I’ve never seen either of those shows, but they are now in my Netflix queue.  I wish more television was this good.  I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode.