meet the newest member of our family


Shortly after Pippy was born, we started to acquire a bit of an old press collection. This is the newest addition. We have a few other letterpresses, but this is our first Vandercook. We are super excited. We got it last weekend from a Craigslist ad. It has a sibling – another Vandercook proof press. It is in the back of our car because it is so heavy that we haven’t figured out how we’ll get it upstairs. Space is an issue, so our collection is pretty scattered. This press currently lives in our dinning area and I think it is going to stay there. That way we can actually use it. It’s so pretty too. The other one will probably go in the living room.

M is a printmaker and he’s good at figuring things out, so we’ve been tinkering. He signed up for a letterpress class at the San Francisco Center for the Book at the end of March, so he’ll be able to show me more. I can’t wait to start!

I’ll update with more press photos as we gather them together.


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