the architect’s brother



Robert and Shana Parkeharrisonmake some hauntingly beautiful and erie photographs.  Robert stars in the photos as “Everyman”.  They only produce about 10 a year, because from conception to execution, they are so time consuming to make.  These images are hand crafted.  Remember the darkroom?  They build and photograph the sets and make paper negatives from collages of these photographs.  They add paint and beeswax to the finished prints.   They also make photogravures.  I love this sort of elaborately staged photography.  It combines elements of sculpture and theatre.

Until recently, I was only familiar with the Architect’s Brother Series.  It seems they are now working in color.  I don’t know much about this new color work.  They are C prints, but I am not sure if they digitally altered or not.  I was shocked to come across pieces in which Everyman was not present.  A woman appeared in a few of the images.   The sets are less elaborate in the color work, but it is an interesting departure.  

Here is some of their color work.



I would love to know more about their new process and if it has changed much. 

See more here and here.  Buy their book here.


5 thoughts on “the architect’s brother

  1. woops more comment. they are doing digital “painting” on the images and the female figure is their daughter… apparantly she wants to become part of it all so they are bringing her in…i am sure it will change the work dramatically:)

  2. wow I am so glad I had a look here…..
    I have loved these photos and creative family behind the lens for a
    few years, but had forgotten how much.
    thanks for reminding me.

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