I have a lot of collections. My favorite collection is my collection of vintage photographs. What makes them so special is that all of the photos are family photos. I have photos of several generations of my ancestors. Many photos are around a hundred yeas old. I grew up with these photos and though most of the people in them passed on long before I was born, I feel like I know them. My mother used to say, “You poor girl, you’re surrounded by ghosts.” I am in the process of scanning my collection and would love to share them from time to time.

The baby in the photo above is my grandfather, Gustav. This photo was taken around 1913 – probably in Menlo Park, California. I have never heard anyone call him Gustav. He mostly went by Gus. He was named after a Swedish king. He used to play his guitar and sing “Rhinestone Cowboy” to me. He passed away when I was seven.

I have more stories and more photos.


2 thoughts on “gustav

  1. ghosts are often good company…i too have a collection of family images…its nice to have a thread back through time…and they are beautiful in their imperfections.

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