This is my grandmother, Estelle.  Chelsea suggested posting stylie grandma vintage photos in this post on A Cup of Jo.  So far I have only posted men and was inspired to give the ladies some love. 

I love photobooths and love that I have several photobooth photos of my grandma.  (Apparently it’s in the genes.)  This was taken in the 20’s when she was a teenager.  (1925ish?)  I absolutely love her hair in this picture and her top and scarf would totally look good today.  She would be about 98 if she were still alive.   


5 thoughts on “estelle

  1. Oh yeay! I love it. I really should post some of my Nana. She’s 86 now and still drives a stick shift 🙂 Really stylish lady back in the day…

    I love your grandama’s natural smile!

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