nice end to a busy week

It was a very busy week that had a really fun end to it. We decided to take Pip to Pier 39. Now if you live in San Francisco, right now you’re like “Why would you go there?” and if you don’t live here, you’re like “What’s the big deal?” Well frankly, it’s super touristy and no one who lives here ever goes there.

I haven’t been there once in the 10 years that I’ve lived here. I think the last time I was there was when I was in high school and we would escape the ‘burbs by “going up to the city”. I use quotes because Pier 39 isn’t really the city, but we were young. What did we know?

Anyway, we took Pip there because she loves boats. Well, maybe fascinated by boats is more accurate. She loves Finding Nemo, so if you call saying, “Uh oh! Da boooat! Da boooat!” every time she sees one, fascinated by boats – then boy, is she fascinated by them! We ended up having the best time. Who knew? I remember it being pretty shabby in high school and it’s not now. They must have made it over at some point, but I have no idea when.

We got crab sandwiches and clam chowder at some little order at the counter kind of place (table service and Pip don’t get along at the moment) and they were pretty good – cheap too. Then we went to look at the boats docked there. “Uh oh! Da boooat!” Then we rode the carousel. I didn’t even know there was a carousel and we are a carousel loving family. “Ho! Ho!” (That means horse.) Then we went to the arcade – M loves arcades. We ended the evening by getting hot chocolates (“Hhhot! Hhhot!”) and going to see the seals.

It is a much different experience going there with a child. I was surprised at what a good family place it is. We went early enough in the evening that we avoided most of the kids escaping the burbs. I am quite sure that we were the only locals there, but we had fun.

Are there any really touristy places you like to go to?


2 thoughts on “nice end to a busy week

  1. Sounds like fun:) Being from St. Louis, the Gateway Arch is a total touristy place that I enjoy visiting every so often. (as in, every 4 years)

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