fallout shelter

I have some wonderful news that I’d love to share.

My hubby owns a screenprinting shop called The Fallout Shelter. Last month was the 2nd anniversary of his being completely self employed – though he ran the shop part time for a few years before taking the leap. As you can see from the madness above, it is a small shop. It is called The Fallout Shelter because it is in a basement space on Market St. It reminded M of an old bomb shelter. It was a great place to start out, but he is outgrowing the space. Which brings me to the good news…

We’re moving shop! (I say “we” – supposedly I help when I can, which turns out to be once every couple of months or so. If you ever order from us, you might occasionally get an email from me – don’t be alarmed! M is fine.) Last week M signed the lease on a commercial space on 2nd and Townsend, one block from the ballpark. (Neither of us are sports fans, but is is a nice area.) The space is perfect. It’s still on the smallish side, but bigger than the current location and the layout is better. He’s moving in mid May.

I am so proud of my hubby! He’s movin’ on up!

Photo by our friend Ben.


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