making changes


Well, here it is, 2 1/2 weeks after my grand declaration that I had returned to the world of blogging. Seriously – where do the days go? Anyway, like everyone else, we are busy people in my house. We used to be pretty healthy eaters. Emphasis on “used to be”. Since becoming busy, working parents we have been turning more and more towards fast and easy food – whatever that may be. I realized that while I carefully calculated Pip’s daily fruit and veggie intake, I was eating as little as 1 serving some days!

Living in San Francisco, by default, makes me a bit of a food snob. On top of that, I worked in restaurants for over 10 years. I have always turned my nose up at “faux food”. So imagine my surprise when at work, while eating my regular Lean Cuisine lunch that I had been “enjoying” for months, I suddenly remembered who I was. Lean Cuisine?!?! Seriously?!?!? No offense if you enjoy Lean Cuisine and other frozen treats (I do confess a fondness for a few Trader Joe’s frozen treats – Trader Joe’s is OK, right?), it’s just not me. I need to feel nourished by my food.


So a few months ago, I started going to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday’s during my lunch hour. I work a short walk from the Ferry Building so I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to do this. It’s such a nice way to spend an hour right in the middle of the work day. I get a week’s worth of produce (since it’s local, it’s super fresh and lasts way longer than super market produce). I’m sure look a little funny walking around my serious financial district office building with carrot tops billowing out of my Amoeba tote, but I totally don’t care. I kinda like it actually.


So this new ritual has increased our produce intake dramatically. Our next step was to add whole grains to our diet. Not just breads or cereals – which are good too, but the actual grains themselves. Once we started to get the hang of it, the next step became apparent. Giving up meat.


Now, I don’t claim full vegetarian status. We still, and I’m quite sure, always will eat seafood. Does that make me a pescetarian? There was a decade of my life that I did call myself this (OK, more like “I’m a vegetarian, except for fish”) but I don’t now. The reason for this is that I can’t say I will never eat meat. If someone invites me to their home and cooks for me out of kindness and hospitality, I will eat it – whatever it is. When traveling, I may eat meat. I think if I am ever in Germany, I will have sausage. If I am ever in France, I will have ham in some form. If I am ever in a restaurant that is renowned the world over for some meat dish and the veggie options are not appealing, I bet you can guess what I will do. But in my day to day existence, I will eat primarily vegetarian. What does that make me? A semi-vegetarian? A part time vegetarian? A slacker vegetarian?


Whatever you call it, I feel good about it.


One thought on “making changes

  1. Hey you!! Welcome back to your blog. I’ve missed your posts.

    I have to admit, I eat a Lean Cuisine for lunch almost daily just because they are easy- what a slacker I am. Good for you for making the change, I don’t think you should label what it is- as long as it makes you feel good 🙂

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