modern alchemists



I can’t believe it is October! Does saying that every month mean that I’m getting old? I think it might. Anyway, on this first day of the month of Halloween, I thought a post about DL & Co might be suitable.

DL & Co “Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods”  specializes in dark and romantic goods and make some of the most exquisite candles imaginable. They have a beautiful, Gothic Victorian sensibility and are made from rare and expensive materials, so they are quite pricey. But man are they lovely!


The proprietor, Douglas Little is a “fragrancer, graphic artist, instillation artist, interior designer, illustrator, sculptor” who dresses as a Victorian gentleman. He also produces stationary, chocolates, and other “objects and curiosities”.

He produced this spread in House & Garden.

He then created window displays based on the House & Garden spread for Bergdorf Goodman.





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