burnt caramel sauce



It seems I’ve got a theme going this week – burnt/smokey? Well, I’ll run with it. This caramel sauce from Recchiuti is insanely good! It’s not actually burned in the sense that it is charred. It stops just short of that. Imagine caramel sauce that is slightly less sweet, super buttery, deep and smokey. Of course it is delicious on really good vanilla ice cream. For an amazing Fall treat, try it on baked apples. Oh wow! I am going to give their Brownie Sundae Kit for hostess gifts all season. Cute idea, right?

They also make a fantastic Extra Bitter Chocolate Sauce. They make a Brownie Sundae Kit featuring this sauce and they make a sauce duo box. All would make great gifts. I have the chocolate sauce in my refrigerator right now and love it, but have to say that I am partial to the caramel. It’s just so good! The Recchiuti shop is in the Ferry Building, so it is always a lovely trip to make. Don’t worry if you don’t live in San Francisco, you can order on their website. Mmmmm…


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