yes, this is really a post about socks.



I have been craving cozy warmth more than usual. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather we are having after 2 weeks of summer weather in January. While looking at the Toast catalog online, I came across this photo and fell for the cozy socks. I started wondering where I could find a similar pair. While I love these, 47 pounds (which I believe is about $65 US) is out of my budget for a pair of socks. After a bit of googling, I found this website. They do not have thick cable knit wool socks, but they have a huge selection of beautiful socks. My favorites are these and these.
I’m still on the hunt for thick and slouchy cable knit wool socks. If you know where I might find some, please share! Happy Monday!


One thought on “yes, this is really a post about socks.

  1. i love socks! and i’ve never seen that link before, so thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m one to wear Smart Wool socks all winter long to keep my toesies warm!

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