blue eggs and yellow tomatoes


I have a weakness for food that is a different color than expected. If I have a choice between regular white cauliflower and yellow cauliflower, I’ll choose the yellow. I flipped over some purple beans (like green beans except, you guessed it, they were purple) at the farmer’s market a few months ago. White asparagus, golden raspberries, blood oranges – I love them all! So naturally, I was drawn to this book while browsing on my lunch hour. It’s full of lovely, produce based recipes and beautiful photographs. The author lives in Los Angeles and in addition to a vegetable garden, has a goat and chickens in her back yard. She and her family eat the eggs from the chickens and drink the milk from the goat. She includes advice on how to do this in the book.
I would love to be able to do this someday! I don’t think my landlord would appreciate it, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I live in a house that I own. Someone in a the building behind mine turned the postage stamp sized back yard into a mini greens farm It looks like chard and various lettuces. They have chickens too! So, it can be done! What about you? Would you like to grow some of your own food? What about chickens or a goat – would you take it that far?


3 thoughts on “blue eggs and yellow tomatoes

  1. I love the cover of this book–it’s quite extraordinary! I would love to have some space for chickens and a garden full of zuchini and cucumbers! That would be divine!

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