My first imaginary destination this week is Paris. It seems that everyone in blogland is going to Paris. I have been swooning over Paris photos and eagerly anticipating reading Paris adventures on a ton of blogs lately. Also, Paris is Pip’s #1 request these days. Three movies on heavy rotation in our house are Madeline, Ratatouille, and Amelie. She recently made the connection that all three take place in Paris and has informed us that she wants to go there  to “see Ratooey’s house” (the Eiffel Tower). I told her I would take her but it is far so it will take some time to plan. She said “Fly on a plane?” I don’t know how you know that Pip, but yes, we will have to fly on a plane.


Read about Paris Adventures on Little Brown Pen, and Simply Photo. Trip details will soon be posted on A Cup of Jo and Lobster and Swan will be going in a few weeks. I feel like I am missing some. Are there any great Paris posts out there I must see? What about resouces? I know about Jordan’s famous Paris guide and I will certainly refer to Pia‘s book. Any others?


Photo found here.


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