I am dreaming of travel quite a bit lately. For various reasons, it has been far too long since we have been abroad. I hope to change this later in the year or early next year. I’d like to spend this week day dreaming of the trips I will take in the coming years. There are many more places I’d like to visit, but these are the places that are on the top of my list. I find that sharing day dreams helps to make them a reality, so please join me on an imaginary journey this week. And please, if you have any tips or resources for any of my dream spots or any places you think I should add to my list, let me know! Also, if anyone has advice for traveling with small children, I’d love to hear from you!


*image from here.


2 thoughts on “wanderlust

  1. oh my….you are not helping my travel bug.
    I just happened upon your blog today and all those pictures of the places that are high on my travel list too are just torturing me! hope you find your way abroad soon…i’m thinking my next trip might still be a year or two away. this summer we are setting our sights on canada (banff park).

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