london and wales



This will likely be the next trip I take. I have a friend who lives in London and rents a room in a large house belonging to some friends who have small children.  They have a guest room we would be able to stay in for a few days.  I’d get to visit with my friend, make new friends and Pip would have playmates.

I added Wales to this trip for a few reasons. I have always wanted to go. In case my name didn’t give it away, I have Welsh ancestry. Wales seems like a very family friendly place to visit and I am craving pastoral surroundings. We can do the city for a few days and then relax in the country for a bit.
Some things I’d like to see and do in Wales:
Castles. My mother is always talking about Powis Castle. Because of something in our lineage, she refers to it as “our castle”. I’d like to see any number of castles there. I’m sure Pip would too.

Steam trains
. There are really beautiful old steam engines. Pip loves trains. One of the stations (I’m not sure which one) has a life size Thomas the Tank engine. Pip LOVES Thomas. I’m sure that would be a hit.

Hay-On-Wye. The used bookstore capital of the world. Need I say more?


I’m torn about lodgings. I would love to rent a self catering cottage in the country side. There are many on working farms. That seems like a great option for traveling with a small child. But the Pub Inns seem like a good option as well. They seem very family friendly and conveniently located as well. I saw a few that were located near play grounds and good shopping.
What do you think? I haven’t seen any blog postings about Wales, but sfgirlbybay is in London right now. I can’t wait to read about her trip.


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