Lucky Chelsea from frolic gets to spend a month here this summer. I might be just a little jealous. I have been reading a lot about Swedish summer homes online recently. Now we have made it a family goal to spend a summer (or at least a few weeks) in the Swedish countryside in the next few years and my dreams are filled with little red cottages by the sea. Again, these self catering cottages seem to be the way to go with small children and many are much less expensive than hotels.

Parts of Sweden I want to see:

Stockholm – duh.

Malmo – Seaside city where I have some ancestry.

Gotland – Medieval island. Pippi Longstocking’s house is here!

Faro – Otherworldly island just north of Gotland. Ingmar Bergman lived here and used it for the location of several of his films.

What should I add to the list?


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