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I like pastoral surroundings and I like unusual landscapes, so I really want to go to Scotland. A friend told me that Edinburg reminds her of San Francisco and I’m curious to see if I feel the same. Mostly, I want to stay in a sweet cottage by the sea, perhaps on an island or by a loch. I’ve seen self catering cottages in Scotland go for as little as $300 (US) and this lovely cottage that has recently made the blog rounds is quite reasonable and so beautifully furnished. I don’t know exactly where in Scotland I want to go, just that I want to go. Any suggestions?



I would also love to go to Ireland. So charming. I swooned over the gorgeous honeymoon photos on Design Lovely. I have seen vacation packages that include air and castle (castle!) lodging for extremely low prices. I can’t think of a better trip for a little girl (and her mom) who loves fairy tales. Even if you never left the grounds, it would be an amazing and relaxing trip. I have also seen airfare packages for Ireland and Scotland that would make it quite easy to do both countries in one trip.

What about you? Have you ever been? Would you like to go?


3 thoughts on “scotland and ireland

  1. I am so glad you liked my Ireland pics. We got a really good deal with Aerlingus and it was such a pleasant flight. Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG! Is that little cottage for real?!!! Looks really amazing. A bit scary for being so isolated, but gosh, very inviting. 😉 Commune with nature is the thing!

  3. When I went to London two years ago, Scotland and Ireland were exactly where I wanted a sidetrip to (plus Paris, hehe). Unfortunately, we thought there was much to see in London and too little time, so, in keeping with quality over quantity, we (I and my boss who were on a business trip) decided to pass up. So, yes, I would LOVE to go to Scotland and Ireland. One day, one day. 😉

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