Little things

Pip’s normal playground is 4 blocks from our house. They are long, slightly uphill blocks and it takes about 15-20 minutes to get there depending on how many flowers we stop to smell along the way and how long we chat with the woman at the café where we stop to get a Madeline. It is lovely and usually quite convenient, but not always.
Last week, after several years of renovation, my neighborhood’s branch library reopened. There is a small playground out back, just outside the children’s reading room. Even though it is small, there are several climbing structures (Pip is a climber) and an adjacent lawn for games of tag and races. Something about the layout encourages running. I rarely see any children walking. They all run. And the small size encourages the children to play together regardless of age. There is a nice community feel of it as well. When Pip needs a quick rest, we can duck inside and read a book for a few minutes or play in the toddler corner. The best part: It is two short, flat blocks from our apartment. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk there and is super easy during the week for after work play sessions. It is well lit and in a populated enough area that we can be there after sun down in the winter when the days are shorter.  We can pop over late in the evening, after dinner if Pip still needs to release some energy.
Pip has already made a little friend that she knows by name and has been sleeping better than ever. Who knew that two little blocks could make such a big difference? What little things are making a big difference for you?


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