I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I went to Samovar for a bridal shower.  They have an amazing selection of teas. I had Scarlet Sage and Pip had Ocean of Wisdom, both delicious. Later, I had the best chai I have ever had. Their jook and cheese plate with honeycomb were the best parts of the meal. The atmosphere is so beautiful we didn’t even notice the road work going on right out front. Though it may not seem very child friendly, it is. They brought Pip a tablet that she could paint with water (shown in the photo taken with my phone above). The water would dry and the painting would fade so she could start again. She loved it and it kept her busy for three hours. Yes, three hours. If you don’t have children, just know that this is almost unheard of for a child who is not yet three. Granted, Pip does well in restaurants in general, and was excited to be going to a “tea party” having just seen Alice in Wonderland for the first time. But still…
They sell all of their amazing teas on their website and have a tea blog too.


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