I have a baby shower to go to this weekend and will be gift shopping this week. Something I always include with baby shower gifts is a couple of packs of these. They were one of my favorite things when Pip was a newborn. You know how newborns spit up all the time? And it gets under their chins and is a pain to clean? These clean it up better than anything, are gentle, and smell good without covering up the baby smell. I still use them now that Pip is a toddler and isn’t keen on having a wet washcloth smooshed in her face. I’m not sure if it’s the smell, texture or both, but she doesn’t mind these and will wash her face herself. When I am feeling especially lazy, I use them to clean my face. They are no rinse and they remove makeup. 
It’s one of those little things that people don’t think about. Sometimes it’s all about the little things. They have been much appreciated by those I have given them to.
Mustela in general is wonderful. If your child has or is prone to eczema you need this wash and this cream. Trust me. I have eczema and passed it on to Pip. It makes a huge difference.


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