dance with me


Happy Monday. I’m trying to start the week off with a smile after a lovely weekend full of ballet class, accidentally stumbling upon the North Beach Festival, and pony rides at a coastal farm. This video of Nouvelle Vague set to a scene from Bande a Part does the trick. Some highlights from the weekend:
·         Finding out that my fried E had her baby and she is a girl! I called it a girl and I’m pretty sure she was secretly hoping for a girl.
·         Pip’s response to the news that Auntie E had a baby girl – “And she’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger?”
·         Finding out that Pip is indeed ready for the 3 year old division in ballet class.
·         Fiore de leche gelato at Naia.
·         The frisky goat at the farm trying to eat Pip’s dress.
·         Pip’s response to the goat – “Hey goat! Don’t eat my pretty dress!”
What made you smile this weekend?


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