these photos make me feel better about life

I often wonder where all the power cords are in photos of interiors. Is it just me? We aren’t very electronics savvy in my house so I have no idea how to make all the cords and wires nice and neat and hidden away. I’m lucky the DVD player is actually hooked up to the TV. The result is a tangled mess of cords that peek out from various corners around my apartment and torture me.
In these photos from Ensuite, the cords aren’t eyesores. They add to the casual, lived in quality of these rooms. The inhabitants of these homes aren’t pretending that they have no electronics, hiding them from view. Instead they are displayed without a second thought right alongside of books and even on the floor. Is it the nonchalant attitude or is it that these are French apartments? Either way, I feel better now.


6 thoughts on “these photos make me feel better about life

  1. hehe, I’ve oftened wondered the same thing when watching all those home-makeover shows with seemingly non-existent cords. It’s like a sterile house that nobody lives in. Embrace the cords! 🙂

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