easter basket

 Happy Monday! The stuffed animal search is on and I’ve narrowed down the contenders for this year’s Easter basket. I’m having such a tough time making the final decision. This is serious business you know. I still remember my favorite from my childhood. He was a gentleman bunny – black and wearing a black velvet tuxedo jacket with silver stars.  Here is what I’ve narrowed it down to.

A little predictable and Abby already has two bunnies. But it is Easter and when asked, Abby thought EB might bring her a bunny. This guy is cute and super soft.

This is totally my taste – goofy and so very loveable. And Abby loves giraffes. She has a few including this one, named Fifi, with whom she cuddles and hugs on a daily basis.

I love those floppy ears. Mice make me think of spring and seem a fitting, if not entirely traditional choice for an Easter basket.

I was leaning toward the mouse when I saw this lovely in the window in a gift shop on my way back to the office. Put anything in a tutu and Abby will love it. A ballerina frog is just too cute.

What to do?
What about you? Are you making any baskets this year? Have you started? Which of these would you pick?


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