i’m fairly certain the inside of my head looks like this


I know I have plans this weekend. But I can’t remember them at the moment. What do you have planned?

Happy Friday!


do the streets sparkle where you live?


I’d truly love to know.
They do here. Not all of them though and I can’t figure out why. My thinking is that if you have the ability to make the streets sparkle, why wouldn’t you make ALL the streets sparkle? That’s how it would be if I ran the show. Is it a recent discovery and all streets needing repair are getting the sparkles? Is there something special about certain streets that deems them worthy of the sparkle? Do only certain makers of streets have the sparkly technology?
If the streets don’t sparkle where you live and you have no idea what I’m carrying on about, I’ll explain. In many of San Francisco’s streets, the sidewalks have some sort of glitter embedded into the sidewalks – pixie dust perhaps? It’s pure magic. It’s hardly noticeable under our usual blanket of fog but when the sun comes out it’s like walking in an enchanted kingdom – The Emerald City or maybe Neverland. It is a crisp and sunny day today and I spent my lunch hour dazzled by the brilliance.
Whenever I ask someone if this is unique to San Francisco, no one seems to know the answer. Half the time they don’t even realize that the streets here sparkle and quite possibly question my sanity. Imagine that. So please tell me, do your streets sparkle too?

egg puffs

I love my neighborhood.
It was raining yesterday but it cleared up just as I got home from work.  Perfect timing for a neighborhood stroll, no? Our first stop was the neighborhood baby store. They have a wonderful toy section that is set up as a play area complete with a train table, play kitchen and get ready for it, a kiddie treadmill and glider. I was horrified the first time I saw them but I dare you to enter the space and find those things empty. Kids love them. Crazy.
Next we strolled over to the little crepe place for some treats. For me, a Nutella crepe. For Abby, egg puffs. Do you know egg puffs? I am often met with blank stares when I mention them. If you are not familiar with them, the best way I can describe them is that they are like reverse waffles. There is more puff than crevice. The puffs are egg shaped, hence the name.  The crevices are very thin and crispy so the golden puffs of batter easily break off and you pop them in your mouth one by one. In short, they are heaven.

They make the crepes and egg puffs in the window so people can watch. Have you ever seen a crepe being made? It’s just like that scene in Amelie where she makes a record by swirling black goo into a circle. It’s pretty fun to watch. The photo above is of Abby watching our order being made. I’m pretty sure her nose is pressed up to the glass.

We always eat ours on that bench while we watch them make more. This is at least a weekly ritual for us. Sometimes it’s after going the Thai place a few doors down; sometimes it’s before going to the bookstore. Last night it was after the toy store and before having dinner at home. That’s right, before dinner. Yep, I’m that kind of mom.