the swoop and the headband: a tale of hair envy

Once upon a time there lived a little girl with long blond hair. It seemed to the girl that her hair was well suited for braids. She particularly liked Heidi-style pigtails. The girl’s mother, however, found pigtails to be undignified. She preferred to “swoop” the girl’s hair; a style she felt was quite elegant. As the girl grew, so did her fondness for braids. French braids became all the rage and the girl, finding this style elegant, thought that her mother would agree. But alas, by this time changes to her mother’s employment made time consuming hair styles a distant memory. She gave the girl a supply of head bands which became her new and most unfortunate signature look. It kept her long, unruly hair out of her face, yes, but it lacked the pizzazz of the French braid and was not as secure, for everyday her hair looked more and more a fright and the girl found that she was envious of the girls who wore their hair in tidy braids.


The years passed and so did the popularity of the braid. The girl became more skilled at styling her hair and showed off these skills with a variety of styles including curls, waves, crimps, side ponytails, tall bangs, and copious amounts of Aqua Net, that staple of all hair bears of the time.


Once the girl was grown, braids once again came into vogue. She found that the Heidi-style braids she loved as a girl were popular amongst grown women for they were now ironic. Whatever. The girl jumped at the chance to wear her beloved hair style and wore her hair in this manner for many years.


Now, uninterested in irony, she no longer wears her hair in braids and it has returned to the fright it was in her post-swoop years. The headbands are gone, but her hair is long and unruly and she does nothing about it. She is once again thinking of braids.


These photos are serving as inspiration for lovely new ways for her to style her hair.


The girl would like you to know that she does not swoop her little girl’s hair.


4 thoughts on “the swoop and the headband: a tale of hair envy

  1. {Thanks for your comment the other day!!}

    I seriously wish I could style my hair like this. Maybe it would stay…but, I think I’d need some help, and though Mister is good at many things…braiding hair is not on the list. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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