bay to breakers

Yesterday was the Bay to Breakers race or as it should be known, “Drunk and Naked Before 9am Day”, for both public drunkenness and public nudity are not only tolerated but encouraged.  I like to get up to the race line early enough to see the “real runners”. I leave my apartment right when the race starts at 8am and by the time I’ve walked the 4 blocks to the park, stopping for a coffee along the way, the first runners are whizzing by me having just run 5 miles! This year Abby was up late the night before and it wasn’t worth a full day of cranky 3 year old shenanigans to see the first runners. Marcus went and I stayed behind until Abby woke up and we showed up an hour later.
Here was the scene when Marcus arrived.

Here was the scene when I arrived.

The Avatars were, by far, my favorite costumes of the day.

A women’s Taiko Drumming Troupe was performing. They were quite popular and several people wanted in on the fun.

These girls actually knew how to drum.

A couple of ninjas snuck up on one of the poor drummers and one drew his sword…

…then quickly ran off.

And there were plenty of people content to just dance to the beat of the drummers.

The rest of the day was spent at home watching the revelers slowly trickle out of the park in search of more good times from our living room window.  Every time we heard loud voices down on the street, Abby would run to the window to see if “silly people” were outside. If they were not in costume she would shake her head and with great regret, say “No, just normal people.” If they were in costume, she would smile from ear to ear and say “Yes! It’s a silly Superman! It’s a silly chicken! It’s a silly…what’s that guy, Mama? Oh, a silly space monkey!”

How was your weekend?

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7 thoughts on “bay to breakers

    • It’s not for everyone. the main character is a murderer but perfume and fragrance are discussed at length.

    • Ashley – I’ve never participated unless you count the year that I forgot about it and walked to work. My walk crossed the race and I had to “run” with it for a few yards. 🙂 One of these days I will but watching it is plenty fun. 🙂

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