a day in the sunshine

Marcus and I went on our first date 16 years ago today. 

I was doing some spring cleaning a while back and came across this drawing that Marcus made for me a few weeks after we started dating. I am fairly certain that this drawing is partly responsible for our marriage. A couple of grungy kids (this was 1994 after all) in front of a cottage in a field of flowers and bunnies. Is it any wonder I kept him around? 
Oh, and by the way, I now realize that my previous statement that we have spent 16 birthdays together is an indication of my waning math skills. Since we started dating right after his birthday, it would be 15 birthdays, but who’s counting really?


6 thoughts on “a day in the sunshine

  1. Thanks everyone. I had completely forgotten about it and found it in a little box of momentos. Don’t worry. It’s tucked back into the box for safe keeping. 🙂

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