the great thing about kids

No matter how busy you are, you have to slow down. No matter how much you feel like your head might explode, you have to keep it together. When you tell your child about the Giants County Fair all week and finally arrive at the gates on Saturday afternoon just two minutes after she grabs your face and says “This is going to be SO fun!” just to be told that the fair has been rented out by a large company for its employees for the entire day and won’t be open to the public until 6pm, what can you do?

You might want to throw a little hissy fit and throw your shoe at the guard. Instead you say “No big deal. That’s only 4 hours away. Let’s go have lunch and some downtown fun and make this a super extra fun day!” Then you carry your hungry and disappointed 4 year old about 14 long city blocks to her favorite diner for lunch. You ride escalators in the mall until it’s time to head back to the fair. You cringe a bit when you think about the money spent on unlimited ride tickets after realizing that when your child is cold and tired, she is less adventurous and only wants to ride the bumper cars. Then you decide to be ok with it because, after all, the bumper cars are fun. And those squeals of delight fill your heart.

The power children have to turn what could have been a fittingly terrible Saturday after a very stressful week into a “super extra fun day” amazes me.

Hoping your week is off to a lovely start.


4 thoughts on “the great thing about kids

  1. This happened to my husband when he was little. They had driven for hours to get to a theme park only to be told Pepsi had their company shin dig going on and the park was closed. There stood his parents with their SIX kids, not knowing what to do. A Pepsi official happened to be close by and invited them in. The entire park was free and they got all the soda they could ever want. He still remembers it like it was a magical day.

    • That is amazing! I was heart broken for a minute before getting to the happy ending. So lucky to be invited in. He could have had an entirely different memory of that day.

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