hello summer

Hello fog. I wondered where you were. With all the springy sunshine we’ve been having, I almost thought we were in for a real summer. Then right after the first official day of summer, June gloom arrived and I remembered where I live. We get a beautiful Indian summer but June and July are cold and gray. It even rained the other day.

I don’t mind. It makes me feel better that I can’t go outside because I can’t walk. I’ll spare you the details and just tell you that I impaled my foot Thursday night as I was rushing around getting ready for bed. I was at the emergency room for three hours while they decided if I needed stitches or just glue. They went with the glue to spare me from needles in the bottom of my foot. I think this was a wise decision.

I was so grossed out that I barely felt it. It’s pretty much the grossest injury I’ve ever had. I get the willies every time I think about it which is every time I try to take a step. Even worse, is that this was the scariest thing that has ever happened to Abby. I was home alone with her and she was terrified. I had to smile and tell her it was just a “tiny boom boom”. She started to feel better once we were at the ER and I was being taken care of.

My ever comforting mother said “Wow, a hundred years ago you would have died from that.” I suppose I am grateful that I have access to good medical care and that it really isn’t a very serious injury. Just a really really gross one.


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