foggy 4th

The 4th of July is dicey around these parts. July is a typically cold and foggy month. Fog and fireworks are and interesting combination. They must shoot them low to avoid the fog.  If you are right under them, they are amazing. But the crowds, impossible parking and sardine can bus conditions make this ridiculous pursuit.  Because they aim the fireworks so low, they are hidden from view by the surrounding buildings from many parts of the city. There are several hills where you can view them from afar. The danger with this strategy is that you may only see flashes of colorful fog. Complicated, no? There is always risk involved with the 4th. You may exert a great deal of effort for no pay off. That’s just how we roll around here.

We have our own formula. We park at Marc’s shop and walk along the Embarcadero to a spot on the water front that is at an angle that the fireworks are not obstructed by the buildings. It is far enough away that we can avoid the traffic and the crowds are manageable but is close enough that it is likely that we will see the fireworks under the blanket of fog. Likely.

So did we see any fireworks this year? We saw the bottom halves of most of the fireworks while the top halves were the flashes of colorful fog that I’ve developed a fondness for.

The best view I’ve ever had of the fireworks was from this bridge. We were coming home from the East Bay a few years ago and had no plans for firework viewing. We happened to be on the bridge durring the show. Traffic was moving slowly because everyone was watching the fireworks and we saw the whole thing. Spectacular.

I hope you are having a fine week.


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