sunny 5th

We did get some traditional 4th of July fun in over the weekend. We went to a big family BBQ at a lake in Santa Rosa. The weather was beautiful. I had a nice taste of summer, yet it wasn’t too hot and there was a lovely breeze. This was Abby’s first experience splashing around in a lake and she had a blast.

It is such a delight to be surrounded by mobs of children squealing as they play with their cousins, awkward teenagers trying so hard to be cool, proud grandparents watching over their legacy. It’s all so different from my own childhood.

I come from a very small family and we did not do things like this – the all-American BBQ. Or more specifically, the Chinese-American BBQ, complete with BBQ’d trout and pork chops. No hamburgers here. And what, I ask, is a BBQ without tea and a big pot of ramen?

Since having Abby, I make more of an effort to get out of the city. With the exception of air travel and visiting in–laws in Berkeley, I have actually gone years without leaving. My efforts are greatly rewarded. I think Northern California is one of the prettiest places on Earth.

We know we are home once we see the wall of fog.


4 thoughts on “sunny 5th

  1. What a lovely day it looks to have been. The photo of her chasing the geese is adorable – she looks like she wants to hug them. I’m a vegetarian so I would much rather have a bowl of ramen!

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