random tuesday morning thoughts

One of my best friends is in town. She has been living in London for almost 7 years. She comes home twice a year and it is never enough time. Today we are having brunch and girl talk at one of our usual spots. It’s the sort of place where I order the same thing every time. Avocado and jarlsberg scramble with fruit and croissant. Always.

There was a Frenchy-sounding accordion player in the Muni station this morning. I felt like I was in Amelie for a moment. There is an accordion player in my neighborhood, but he does not sound even a little French. He wears suspenders and a bow tie and sings off key. Loud. I love him.

I think I have become a soccer fan. I was really into the world cup. I spent many of my lunch hours at a nearby cafe watching the first hour of several of the games. I have never been interested in sports and though soccer has always been the only one I can tolerate, I never really followed it. It was an odd feeling of camaraderie that I don’t typically experience with strangers. The only sporting event I have ever attended was in high school. I sold Pepsi in the bleachers at Stanford University home games. I wore a maroon polyester shirt and matching baseball cap and yelled “Pepsi! Pepsi here!” while lugging about 100 cups of Pepsi in a tray strapped to my neck. I dreaded the Cal vs. Stanford games. Berkeley is close enough that ALL the Cal fans came to the games. The whole Saturday was spent trying to explain to Cal fans – no, I cannot wear your blue and yellow hat. I am employed by Stanford and must wear the Stanford hat. And to Stanford fans – I realize I am wearing your colors but I actually don’t care who wins. I just work here. I’d rather not high five you. I didn’t get it.

I took Abby to the park on Sunday. We made a birthday cake for the squirrels and made friends with another little girl. She commented that Abby was going to get her pretty dress dirty. I get this a lot. Abby doesn’t wear pants. Not ever. The waist bands bother her. It’s easier to get her dressed in the morning if the dress is a little fancy. She’s just that kind of kid. So she wears party dresses to the park fairly often. I don’t understand the fear of getting dirty. It’s just sand and I have access to a washing machine. Am I missing something?

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.


3 thoughts on “random tuesday morning thoughts

  1. i agree with you about clothes being washable…my sister’s TOTALLY obsessed with keeping her 2 year old daughter clean. all she can think of is keeping the clothes clean, even though they get washed everyday. i guess she inherited from our mother. i, on the other hand, rebelled against this way of thinking and allow my daughter to get filthy, much to my family’s dismay (or disgust).

  2. My daughter was the same way. She also wore big hats everywhere. She is 24 now and still mostly wears only dresses. Funny, I never do. My best friend is in town this week also! She only lives one state over so I get to see her more often (lucky me). We are getting tomorrow – I’m giddy. Nothing like an old friend.

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