foggy brain, sunshine girl

I get to work, half conscious and bleary eyed, at 6 o’clock in the morning. The thing with that time of day is that my brain isn’t functioning yet. I am in robot mode. Exit bus…turn right…cross street…turn right…turn left…enter coffee shop…procure coffee and blueberry muffin…exit coffee shop…cross street…approach building…swipe key card…gain access and enter building…swipe card at security desk…continue to third elevator bay…call elevator…enter elevator…swipe card…beep…swipe card again…beep…card not swiping…beep…does not compute…beep…beep…beep…

At this point my robot head nearly explodes and my human brain has to wake up. It remembers that my building is fond of tinkering with the elevators and tells me to select my floor without first swiping my card (sacrilege).

I made it to my office but it was rather alarming how long it took for my human brain to show itself. Adulthood really dumbs us down sometimes, does it not?

On the other end of the spectrum there is this girl who is always observing, aware of everything, filled with more wisdom than anyone I know.


4 thoughts on “foggy brain, sunshine girl

  1. I love these images! I think that’s why it’s always important to keep the child side of us alive and well–and when we can’t, it’s great to have a little one of our own to remind us of the simple life. Have a great week!

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