this weekend…

We had dinner at Abby’s favorite auntie’s house. She was up way past her bedtime because she never wants to leave.

We had lunch at one of our neighborhood Thai places with another favorite auntie.  This was followed by egg puffs which were shared with 5 pigeons; Molly, Tabby, Polly, PJ Sparkles, and Pinky. The one called PJ Sparkles took frequent breaks to sit on an awning across the street. We think the other 4 may have been a bit loud for her taste.

We rode the horsie at our favorite neighborhood ice cream shop. Love the sign posted: “Don’t be this guy. It’s for the kids.”

We had a wonderful visit with grandma. Again, Abby was up way past her bedtime.

We spent a windy and wild day at the beach. When I showered last night, I purposefully avoided my hair and hardly brushed it this morning in an attempt to preserve the tousled beachiness. I want to be reminded of the beach today.

Today I am wishing you a happy Monday. I hope this week is a good one.


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