olallieberry picking

Olallieberry picking at the end of olallieberry season means that olallieberry cobbler is not in the stars. (I like saying olallieberry.) Lucky for me, four year olds don’t care about olallieberry cobbler as much as they care about the experience of a drive down the coast and a day in the country. The half pint basket we harvested was bounty enough for her. The highlight of the day was the many old tractors dotting the land. I had no idea the girl loved tractors so much. And I didn’t mind the huge bag of fresh produce for less than $5.

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “olallieberry picking

  1. Never even heard of olallieberries. Now that I’ve look it up, I’m amazed at all the cross breeding (is that right?) it took to get this little fella. What do they taste like?

    • I didn’t realize all the cross breeding (I guess that’s right) that went into them either until I pulled up that link. They are grown along the California coast but I think they have a pretty short growing season. I’ve never seen them in a store but they always pop up at the farmers markets every summer. They’re really good. They taste like a blackberry with a touch of raspberry (to me). I’m not sure if they are available outside California though.

    • Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Yeah, at least an hour climbing on them. AND after berry picking, she’s eating berries again. Even the dreaded blueberry. 🙂

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