The Filoli Estate is Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland meets The Secret Garden.  It’s also the last remaining estate from the relocation of many of San Francisco’s elite to Woodside after the 1906 quake and is quite famous for its exquisite gardens. It is named after the original owner’s credo, “Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.” But its real claim to fame is that it’s the Dynasty house. They didn’t actually film there but it is the house in the opening credits.

I went on Saturday and had the best day with Abby and two of my friends. We spent most of our time in the gardens because they are amazing and it was warm and sunny. There are hidden doorways, terraces, ponds, pools, roses, fields of lavender, and a gentleman’s orchard. It was really amazing. And for a gorgeous summer day, it wasn’t that crowded. I don’t think it’s very well known.

I love the name of this pear in the fruit garden.

We were constantly on the lookout for a white rabbit…

or a contrary girl named Mary…

or a whomping willow.

My grandmother brought me here when I was little but nothing really looked familiar. I only remembered thinking that it was a really big deal that I was in the Carrington’s house. I’m pretty sure I watched every episode made with my grandma. Neither of my friend’s have ever seen a Dynasty episode so this meant nothing to them.

In case you’ve never had the pleasure, I’ll leave you with a good, old fashioned Krystal and Alexis cat fight.


7 thoughts on “filoli

  1. Delightfull! I’ve never heard of this magical looking place but I now want to go. Even if it’s just for the gentleman’s orchard, because I’ve never seen one.
    Totally watched Dynasty.

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