banana slug

We saw a banana slug at Filoli and it immediately took me back to 5th grade outdoor education camp. There were two kinds of kids at outdoor ed; the kind who licked banana slugs and the kind who didn’t. The kids who licked banana slugs were heros. I was not a hero. I was not that brave. Was this just a California thing? Have you ever licked a banana slug?


5 thoughts on “banana slug

  1. I can say, with passion – NO. I am not grossed out by most creatures. Will touch a snake or whatever but slugs. Oh they are the death of me. I HATE them, got the weebie jeebies just thinking about them. Never even heard of this banana nightmare. Lick it?! You’ve got to be joking.

  2. This is hilarious! I have NEVER seen one of these before and it’s quite interesting looking. But I have never licked a slug, banana or no. In fact my eldest kid was just going on the other week about a guy who died from eating a slug on a dare. Suprisingly.

  3. I couldn’t remember why we were supposed to like the banana slug. One of my friends who did lick one at camp and she said something about the banana slug makes your tongue go numb if you lick it. Double ew! But I can sort of see the apeal if you are young and daring. 🙂

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