what we’re making and why i don’t mind constantly picking wheat berries out of the carpet

Art making is in full swing in our house. Glue is big. Abby is always looking for something to glue. She’s in a big sculpting phase now.  A while back she glued all her blocks together into several “sculptures”.  I’ve never really understood the whole “gluing macaroni to paper” thing. Maybe it was because Abby wasn’t old enough. I don’t know. Well, for fear of Abby gluing all her toys together, I went rummaging through the pantry for something. I emerged with lentils, split peas and wheat berries. (I know, I know. Who just happens to have wheat berries on hand, right?) Well it ushered in a whole new phase of sculpting. She now calls her creations paper sculptures and they are made up of many layers of paper, glue, cardboard, and beans. I like to stay out of the process as much as I can. I love child art so much; I don’t want to influence it with my “adult” perspective. Children can make some really beautiful things and it is such a tactile experience for them.

We had an Amazon.com box on hand and she glued the lentil mixture to the arrow and used her favorite paint brushes (her hands) to paint the rest of the cardboard.

Then she went a little more freestyle with the lentils.

There are no beans here. She used tissue paper and copious amounts of glue which gave the paper a plastic-y quality.

And she worked on this one for days. There are many layers and a secret feather hidden within. She doesn’t usually go for realism, but this is a farm and beach scene. Many farms in our area are on the coast, so I imagine that is where the inspiration came from. The shiny blue strands are the ocean.

She has also developed a fondness for instillation art. She makes various arrangements with her toys and declares that it is a sculpture and is not to be moved. This instillation was in the middle of my living room floor for four days before she broke it down to make a new one.

This is definitely a bit messier than drawing, but I don’t mind a bit.


9 thoughts on “what we’re making and why i don’t mind constantly picking wheat berries out of the carpet

  1. WOW! i agree with you that children’s art can be really creative, especially if we give them space (something i’m not very good at myself). abby is really talented. i love all the above, especially the farm and the installation. she’d have a great time with my daughter!

  2. I think you have a budding artist on your hands. She is very talented. That last sculpture is quite nice. It’s better than a few things I’ve seen in galleries – seriously. I have some of my daughter’s paintings framed and hanging in my laundry room. I love seeing them while I’m in there, brightens the mundane task and reminds me of when she was little.

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