change of plans

That was my whole weekend. All of my plans involved being outside and a lot of walking. Then Marcus had to work, Abby caught a cold and it rained. So instead the weekend consisted of a quick trip downtown where it was sunny, a weekly visit from my mother, Burmese lunch, used book stores and a drizzly Sunday walk around my neighborhood. Oh, and a big batch of the best homemade cold remedy ever.

Want the recipe?

Slice a lemon, grapefruit and onion and boil them in a big pot of water for an hour or longer. It sounds horrid but it’s not really that bad. The grapefruit masks the onion so it ends up tasting like a rather medicinal bitter grapefruit tea. If you can deal with Airborne, you can deal with this. And it works way better. If you feel like you are getting sick, drink a ton of this and you won’t get sick. If you already are sick, you’ll feel better almost immediately. But you have to keep drinking it until you are actually better. Seriously, it’s like magic. I have just saved you countless sick days.

Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “change of plans

  1. You know I love recipes. And natural cure-alls are the best. Would you mind if I reposted this (as I mainly post recipes)?! I’d link back to you. Let me know!! Either way – Sorry your weekend didn’t go as planned. xx, Tal

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