pink pearl

 Isn’t that the best name for an apple?

I was watching a group of children descend on a man making balloon animals while at the farmers market yesterday when I noticed that the apple stand was back. Abby loves apples and this stand always has several unusual varieties, so during apple season I bring home a couple different varieties each week and we have taste tests. If you’ve never conducted a taste test with a small child, I highly recommend it. “Mmm, this one is schweet. Oooh, that one is berry tangy.”

The apple stand’s first week back at the farmers market just happened to be the first week of pink pearl season. Pink pearls are my favorite apple. I discovered them 2 years ago at this very apple stand. They have a very short growing season, only 3-4 weeks, and I’ve never seen them anywhere else. If you like tart apples, these are for you. The man at the stand watched with great concern as I loaded up pound after pound into my bag.  “Have you had those before? They’re really tart.” he asked in warning. He relaxed when I explained that I wait all year for them and when I told him they were my little girl’s favorite, he said “Well she’s no wimp, is she?”

As tasty as they are, the real reason I love pink pearls so much is that they are the prettiest apple I’ve ever seen. The skin is pale pink and green. And the inside looks like this.

Vibrant pink flesh. Colorful food makes me so happy.

Do you have a favorite apple?


5 thoughts on “pink pearl

  1. The pink pearl is probably among my favorite apples, but I really love Mutsu (which is a nutty green apple) and the famous Winesap. I can’t wait to make things out of autumn apples, I have so many ideas 🙂

    • I will make sure to try both of those. I want to make a pink pearl crisp, but I don’t want to devote so many to baking. I love them so much as is. Perhaps next week. 🙂

  2. Delightful – nope never heard of these. I like a pink lady. I only like a tart apple sliced thinly on a grilled cheese sandwich – yum.
    Happy memory when I saw the title. My daughter used to play FBI agent all the time when she was little (I know, whatever) and her secret code name was “purple pearl”, don’t know where she got it but now I’m wondering if there is some fruit out there with this name???

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