second days and sick days

Okay, I promise I will try to make this the last weepy preschool post.

I was thinking about her first day and about what a hot mess I was. A good friend of mine sent me a little message right around the time Abby was on her way to school.

“Don’t worry. She’ll always know it’s an elephant inside a boa constrictor.”

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go read The Little Prince right now. If you know and love The Little Prince like I do, then you’ll understand why I was a hot mess. I did manage to pull it together though.


Abby got sick right after her first day of school and had to miss her second day. She wanted to go but did not move from the couch that whole morning (that’s how we know it’s bad).

“What happens if I don’t go to school?”

Marcus explains about sick days.

“Okay. Make sure you call the school and tell them I can’t make it today.”

I have no idea what made her think of this. Marcus wasn’t even sure what he was supposed to do. He had to email me to find out the call out procedure.

“Did you call the school Daddy?”


“Did you tell them I will see them on Friday?”

My girl.


6 thoughts on “second days and sick days

  1. Below my keyboard is my desk. My desk is lacquered all over in pages of The Little Prince. Next to my monitor is a small stack of special books (and this is saying something as we have books all over the house). In that pile? My partner’s first copy of The Little Prince.

    Hope she’s better now 🙂

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