every girl needs a style muse

And Britney the Chipette is Abby’s.

Youtube on the iPhone comes in handy for errands when Abby is tired and would rather be anywhere other than the grocery store or the post office. But wow, is it a rabbit hole. One that Abby navigates with great skill. I have no idea what chain of videos led to this but one of Abby’s current favorites is a clip from Alvin and the Chipmunks circa 1983 where the Chipmunks and the Chipettes try to “out rock and roll” each other then fly off in hot air balloons.

I rented a Chipmunks video for Abby a few days ago. While watching it, she had a light bulb moment.

“Mama! This would look really cute on me.” Grabs a clump of hair right next to her bangs with one hand and makes a scissors cutting motion with her other hand.

Flashing back to the time when she was two and cut a chunk of hair in the middle of her bangs to about an eighth of an inch in length, I say “Huh?”

“This would be really cute on me!” Still tugging on her hair.

I look at the TV and look back at Abby. “Oh! You want layers like Britney the Chipette?”

Abby nods enthusiastically.

So there you have it. Abby’s next haircut will be inspired by a 27 year old cartoon of a singing Chipmunk. Should I bring in a picture?


3 thoughts on “every girl needs a style muse

  1. haha how sweet she is! let us see the results once it’s cut. i’m taking my little chipmunk for a cut tomorrow. i hope she doesn’t mention hannah montana.

  2. Yes you should. I would love to see the hairdressers face when you hand her the photo. I have never even heard of the Chipettes. My daughter took a nice chunk of hair off her all one length down her back hair because she wanted it to curve up like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I never even took a photo!

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