where do the days go?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you are in the US, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Did you do anything special? We enjoyed some much needed quiet: dinner at Auntie’s house, several slow, lazy mornings, making a birthday cake for grandma, a trip to the beach, a day of princess dress up at the park with two new friends who seemed to think she really was a princess.

I did not mean to be absent for an entire week. I suppose I am still adjusting to having a child in school.

Don’t worry, I’m not weepy anymore. We’ve all adjusted quite nicely in that sense. Abby has a best friend already, she loves circle time and sits next to the teacher as often as she can, she shushes the other kids when they aren’t listening to the teacher and she always wants five more minutes when I come to pick her up.

The problem is that I am organizationally challenged. And last week nearly did me in with three doctor’s appointments, a million forms, a parent meeting and our turn to host snack time for 40 kids. I hadn’t given this aspect of school much thought. I get it now and the only thing I really worry about is forgetting to pick Abby up. Seriously. Since Abby doesn’t go every day, I can easily see myself forgetting what day it is and getting on the wrong bus.  I have reminders set on my computer at work and on my phone. I hope this is sufficient.

This week begins the work of finding a kindergarten but that is another story for another day…

 Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “where do the days go?

  1. Don’t worry, even if you forgot, they would call you and she is always asking for 5 more minutes anyway. You could just tell her you were giving her some extra time to enjoy school – and here’s the thing – she won’t even remember when she’s older.
    I think when we finally get the parent thing all figured out, they leave for college!

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