why sophie dahl is my bff

The woman puts crème fraiche in EVERYTHING. And let me tell you, I love crème fraiche. But I didn’t know that you can put it in oatmeal or rice pudding or on apple crisp instead of whipped cream or that if you buzz it up with peas and butter, pea puree will be the thing you crave more than anything. Now I do.

Abby makes me call her Sophie anytime we are in the kitchen and insists on stirring because it is, after all, her recipe.

And I can cook anything and as long as I tell Marcus it’s from her cookbook he will declare that Sophie is a kitchen wizard and also pretty easy on the eyes.

Sophie, call me. Let’s do brunch. I’ll bring the crème fraiche.


5 thoughts on “why sophie dahl is my bff

  1. I love this book too …. and the recipes always seem to have a healthy twist, have you seen her TV show yet ? It is about to start here next week, I can’t wait !!!

  2. What? I know nothing about this! I am all a flutter right now. Must get book, must get crème fraiche, must get some peas, ahhhh, want it all. Don’t watch much TV but now I’m going to go look for her show. I have a girl crush and I don’t even know her yet.

  3. Mandy -I don’t think we have the show here in the US, but I’ve seen many clips on youtube.

    Bron – it’s really good!

    Jeanette – I totally have a girl crush and the youtube clips are what started Abby’s girl crush on her. The books seems right up your ally. You should definitely get it.

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