i like fruit for dinner. i don’t like to kill bugs. i must be a big hippie.

Marcus works a lot of nights. Sometimes we have dinner together before he heads off to the shop but often times it’s just Abby and I. So several nights a week we have girlie dinners. Last night was one of these nights. We set up a picnic on the coffee table and watched a video while we munched away. Last night’s dinner was an apple, a nectarine, a plum, strawberries, fresh peas, sliced cheese, and roasted potatoes and broccoli. I also made myself an omelet from my friend Sophie’s cookbook.

Abby loves when we all get to eat together so when it’s just the two of us, I try to make it really fun.

In other news, I was the hero of my office at 6:45 this morning after rescuing one of my coworkers from a giant beetle. And by “giant” I mean “the size of my finger nail”. We are city folk. My hero status was short lived. Rather than squashing him as my coworkers wanted, I showed mercy on the poor creature and carried him down in the elevator and released him into the wilds of the financial district. He now calls the top of a garbage can on Market Street home.

So tell me, do you ever have girlie dinners? And how do you handle bugs? Wow. Those two questions really shouldn’t be grouped together like that. Oh well, it’s Friday.

Have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “i like fruit for dinner. i don’t like to kill bugs. i must be a big hippie.

  1. Yes Bronwyn – this is my favorite way to eat. Luckily, my husband is very happy for me to plop down a platter like this, thought he doesn’t like cheese (more for me!).

    The only bugs we kill are mosquitos and scorpians but it’s them or me so I feel okay with it. We, I mean my husband because I won’t touch them, even put the various crickets we find in our house outside. It might the same cricket we take out over and over… I leave the tiny spiders, they don’t really bother me, we share the house. Wow, sounds like my home is bug infested!

    • My husband likes this sort of food too. But I would have to make him like 3 omlets to go with it. The boy is ALWAYS hungry. He eats 2 dinners just about every night. And any bug that eats people does is not getting an elevator ride from me. 😉

  2. it’s the same in our house. we try to have dinner together as much as possible because maia loves it too but he works most nights so then we girls end up having things like mini-pizzas, tomatoes, lots of pasta and cheese (all things he’s not fond of). as for bugs, i try not to kill them but if a cockroach comes anywhere near this place i have to call for help. i stop functioning if i see one.

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