wild woods

A couple of weekends ago we visited my cousins who live in the woods in the Santa Cruz mountains. There are a lot of wooded areas of San Francisco. Many are very close to my home, walking distance even. Abby calls them “the wild woods”. But really they are only yards from heavilly trafficked streets. My cousins live in. the. woods.

We drove about two hours down the coast, then up into the mountains, then we turned on to an old dirt logging road and drove for 45 minutes through the woods until we reached their house. A dirt logging road. We are city folk. This was an experience for us. Abby alternated between thinking the bumpy ride was as much fun as a roller coaster and sheer terror. “Weee! This is fun!” “Mama, I need you to hold my hand. Are we going to fall?” “Weeeee!” We all felt this way.

They live in a lovely little solar and generator powered house with no wifi and no phone. They actually have to drive for 45 minutes to get a cell phone signal anytime they need to make a call. They don’t make many calls.

It was a perfect day and we spent much of it on the deck listening to all the forest sounds I can’t hear over the sounds of traffic in the woods by my house. We even heard a rattle snake.

It didn’t occur to me how dark it would be. Aside from the beams of sunlight that slipped through the trees, it was almost like night.

Abby was in heaven. The girl has always been drawn to nature and she couldn’t have been happier. She spent the entire day flitting, skipping, dancing and twirling like a little wood nymph.

In honor of the occasion, my mother got a camping outfit for Ken. For real.


6 thoughts on “wild woods

  1. i honestly thought that living in the woods was only something that happened in movies and fairy tales so this really tickles my fancy. lovely photos, bronwyn. i think abby just gets cuter and cuter!

  2. sweet sweet abby! she really does look like a wood nymph. as for you, bronwyn, why do you keep torturing me? i am CRYING inside i want to be there so much! lucky lucky you! 🙂

  3. Okay, first – would love spending the day visiting that lovely place but could NEVER live there. I would be freaking out all the time. Have seen way to many scary movies.

    Second – that 2nd photo of Abby is really neat. It reminds me of a movie still with special effects galore – beautiful.

    Third – Could not explain how much I LOVE that Ken got a camping outfit. Seriously. Hilarious!!

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