making friends

On days that I don’t have to pick Abby up from school, I like to take the bus to the park and walk home from there – so much nicer than going straight home from a crowded city bus. One day last week I stopped at my favorite bakery and got a scone and a tea. There were two violinists playing on the corner and I could hear the music all the way up the street as I walked into the park. I sat down in Shakespeare Garden to enjoy my snack and soon felt like I was being watched.

 I looked over and this little guy was looking at me, eyes wide. City squirrels are bold. I know this, but I couldn’t help smile all the same. So there we sat – my squirrel friend and me, sharing a scone. He asked for seconds and thirds. I told you city squirrels are bold. I obliged. How could I not.

I couldn’t have felt more like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty if I wore a ball gown and burst into song.

Happy Monday friends.


6 thoughts on “making friends

  1. I havent met a squirrel that bold yet.
    Re: your comment: I havent had the gingerbread pancakes at Zazie’s yet…but I DO love Zazie’s in general. I really want to try their lemon-ricotta pancakes, the ones that come with lemon curd and raspberry sauce.

  2. how lovely!i might have run away screaming though…not very familiar with squirrels. having said that, i’m sure all squirrels who live in a place with a name like that are magical creatures!

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