falling for fall

I heard fog horns when I woke up this morning and smiled.

I know it has officially been fall for over a week now but this is the time of year for heat waves here. And we just had one. It was mild compared to warmer parts of the world, but for fog dwelling me, it was hot. Too hot.

Everyone around here claims to love hot weather, but I don’t buy it. All summer I heard people around me discuss how cold this summer has been. “I can’t believe it’s summer!” “It’s the coldest summer in 40 years!” “I was cheated out of summer this year.” This year? I have been to enough 4th of July barbeques in scarves and gloves to know that this summer was nothing unusual. Now as my thoughts turn toward boots and scarves (things I wore all summer, but no matter) and hot chocolate and pumpkins, it has been 90 degrees here. I would expect that everyone would be thrilled, walking around basking in the glory of the sun. Some are. One of my friends showed up to work in a cream colored sun dress, gold belt, gold pumps, and tan Greek skin. Everything about her was shiny.

But most people I’ve seen looked decidedly unhappy. Wilted and droopy. I’ve seen many people carrying jackets or wearing sweaters because surely the fog will roll in any minute and it will be 50 degrees. I saw a woman on the bus. She looked like she woke up this morning happy about the heat and dressed in a robin’s egg blue tank top, blue and white tie dye sarong, silver leather choker with the word love embossed in it and her hair tied up in pink ribbons. By the time she got on the bus, her hair was falling out of the ribbons and she had her head in her hands, mumbling “Oh God, oh God” and looking as if she would faint at any moment. Later I heard a woman say to her daughter “Hot dog! Hot dog in the fog!” We just freak out any time the weather is outside the 50-80 degree range.

And then the fog returned and with it some normalcy. I put boots and a jacket on and walked to the bus stop in the fog. It’s sunny now, but mild. And now I feel like fall is here. It’s not the kind of fall most people experience. We have mostly evergreens so we don’t really get much of the fall colors. Some leaves turn color and fall from the trees but that happens around Christmas. The fall that I am thinking of is a lovely time when the air is crisp and the light is golden and the air smells of chimney smoke -not because it is cold but because it is October – and the whole city sparkles. I dream about east coast autumns, cold and orange and brown. But I do love my autumn as well and I finally feel like it will be here soon.


4 thoughts on “falling for fall

  1. yeah- i’m reading that whole scarves and gloves thing on the forth of july and thinking “does she live on the other side of the world?!”

    fall is my favoritest season 🙂 have a great weekend!

  2. I probably should not get involved in a conversation about weather right now. I’ve just returned home from a trip to New England to find my air conditioner broken and it’s a balmy 88 degrees in my house right now. You’re right, if it’s not 50-80 we’re just not happy. It’s 8:00 a.m. right now and already 77 outside – I’m in big trouble today.

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