We went to an amusement park this weekend. My friend’s mother won tickets on the radio and gave them to us. These places always seem like a good idea and I’m not sure if they really are. Junky food, confusing layout, people yelling at their kids, and so much stimulation that Abby gets tired upon entering. And hours pass and it seems like all we’ve done is walk in circles. But then the magic of French fries kicks in and Abby feels renewed and adventurous. She tries many of the rides she was afraid of and loved them. A girl after my own heart. Even though it turned out to be a fun adventure, somehow the next day at the park by our house felt more satisfying.

This particular amusement park used to be a 10 minute walk from my childhood home. Back then it didn’t have rides. It was all about the animals and it was magic to me. Every summer my grandparents bought us season passes and we would go every day. I rode an elephant there. I was filmed for a television special while watching the monkeys. I saw a unicorn. Well, technically it was a goat with a birth defect but I don’t care. It was magic and to this day I believe in unicorns. It just doesn’t seem to have the same magic in its new location.  I’m not sure if it is because I am not a child anymore (chronologically anyway) or if it is because it is more commercial now. Probably both. I wonder how Abby will remember it.


3 thoughts on “amusement

  1. Such a sweet image – she’s just oozing with joy, lovely. We had an amusement park in Phoenix when I was little (gone now). It was called Legend City and I thought it was just magical. We only went a handful of times and I wonder now, what did my parents think of it. I’ll have to ask them.

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