thursday miscellany

Well, hello! This has turned out to be quite a busy week. Please excuse my absence. Some things on my mind today:

I’ve seen some more very lovely schools this week. I still like the first one I saw the best. I love it so much that I will be completely heartbroken if we aren’t assigned there. It will be several months before we know and it makes me very anxious.

The Blue Angels put on air shows this weekend. They fly over our neighborhood every year and we can see them from our house. It’s always very exciting. Part of me wonders if it’s wise to have planes flying within inches of each other at very high speeds over a densely populated area. The other part of me squeals with delight and runs to the window every time I hear their engines. We went to the playground during one of the shows and had a really nice view without the crowds. I hope I remember this next year.

Last night Abby and I were drawing shapes together. She drew a triangle, looked at it critically and asked “Is that a triangle?”

“Yes. It’s just a little rounded on top. If it had a point it would look the way you expect.”

“Well, that’s because it’s in Spanish. In Spanish, triangles look like that.”


5 thoughts on “thursday miscellany

  1. I know Fleet Week is a positive thing – it brings in an amazing amount of money to the city – but I still don’t like the noise.
    I love the ‘Spanish triangle’, so cute!

  2. My husband LOVES to see the Blue Angels. We have a friend whose brother was the commander for a while. Saw a video from inside the cockpit during the show, made me sick to my stomach. They are amazing. Must echo the ‘spanish triangle’ comments, that is adorable and funny.

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